Stelios Gidaris

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Backyard (project)
Clonepad (project)
Error 404 (project)
Pinger (project)
Pingeon (project)
Remove Directory (project)
Shoutboxie (project)
Shutdown Manager (project)
Terminal (project)


The Hourglass software version system (hourglass.pdf)


In my spare time I enjoy coding stuff. Anything useful is instantly released as an open source project
for the community to download. I strongly support the open source software movement since software
is released under free terms so that anyone can access, modify, learn or create something out of it.


Free Software Foundation - The free software foundation.
Open Source Initiative - The open source initiative.
General Public License - Open source software license.
Ubuntu Linux - Free linux distribution.
Mozilla Firefox - Free open source web browser.
SourceForge - Open source software hosting website.


For questions, feedback or anything else, you can find me at

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